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Hello Madam PresidentTM was founded by Dr. Posh® as an Education & Empowerment Resource out of the need for solid Personal and Business Development Methods that transcend time and transform lives.

Our Posh Services are designed to initiate and cultivate Personal & Business Development within our Global Community through Education, Empowerment and the Implementation of Positive, Powerful Presidential Cognitive Systems.  In other words, we teach you how to think like a President and Become One!

Hello Madam President ™ Course Offerings Include;

  • III. Hello Madam President ™: Effectively Managing Your Business. Master Class.  Yes! Reserve My Seat
  • V. Hello Madam President ™: Expanding Your Business to New Markets. Master Class.  Yes! Reserve My Seat

**Our Presidential Developmental Courses are available for one-on-one teaching, as well as groups** 

Our Courses are conducted online via Skype, Zoom.us, Instagram Live and Facebook Live

Hello Madam President ™ offers Custom Designed Courses and Strategy Sessions. 

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We are available to;

  • Host Your Live Event
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