Our President

C.C. Preston, affectionately known as Dr. Posh®, is a Posh Protocol Specialist- the Nation’s Only Etiquettician® [ Edə, ket, tiSHən ].

Dr. Posh®, is a Dedicated and Experienced Speaker, Author and Business Strategist.

Dr. Posh® Founded Hello Madam President™ to  Educate and Empower our Global Community to be Presidential in our Personal lives and in our Businessess.

Dr. Posh® is a Christian and an Ambassador for Jesus Christ.

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Dr. Posh® completed her Baccalaureate Degree at The Ohio State University. In addition, she earned her Master’s Degree at The University of Maryland.

Disclaimer: The moniker Dr. Posh®  is connotative of C.C. Preston’s competence in Posh Protocol, Etiquette and Advocacy and does not denote a doctoral or medical degree.