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C.C. Preston is Dr. Posh®

Dr. Posh® is the Founder and President of Hello Madam President™

It is her passion to Educate and Empower our Global Community. Dr. Posh® is a Christian and an Ambassador for Jesus Christ.

Dr. Posh® is a Protocol Specialist & Advocate, the Nation’s Only Etiquettician® [ Edə, ket, tiSHən ]

The Hello Madam President™ Value Added Vault For Your Organization Includes;

• Our Team of professionals are dedicated to preparing edifying educational material with a laser focus on knowledge retention

• Hello Madam President™ has a proven winning presentation strategy, adding value and practical knowledge takeaways to every audience

• Our Team will maintain secure professional written and verbal communication channels with your organization

• Your Organization will be added to the Hello Madam President™ Media Kit and Social Media Platforms.

• As a Social Media Influencer, Hello Madam President™ will bring measurable marketing exposure to your Organization.

• Post-Presentation feedback from Your Organization is Welcomed and Appreciated

The Dr. Posh® Treasury Includes;

• Published Author of Three Books, with a focus on the Empowerment of Christian Women

• An Avid Blogger – The Poshington Post™ provides spiritually based empowerment messages for everyday life

• Accomplished Speaker, Teacher & Consultant

  • Keynote Topics Include;
    • Hello Madam President ™: A Cognitive System
    • Hello Madam President ™: A Call to Action
    • Hello Madam President ™: A Global Outreach
    • Hello Madam President ™: Entrepreneurship
    • Hello Madam President ™: Effectively Managing Your Business
    • Hello Madam President ™: Expanding Your Business to New Markets

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Dr. Posh® completed her Baccalaureate Degree at The Ohio State University. In addition, she earned her Master’s Degree and Dual Post Master’s Certificates at The University of Maryland.

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Dr. Posh® is the United States’ Only Etiquettician® [ Edə, ket, tiSHən ] – A Protocol Specialist and Advocate.
The moniker Dr. Posh®  is connotative of her competence in Christian Protocol, Christian Etiquette and Christian Advocacy and does not denote a doctoral or medical degree.