The Poshington Post™~ Hope

As we celebrate the Juneteenth Holiday, there are so many things to be thankful for. When we adopt a spirit of gratitude it prompts God to bless us even more.

While our current environment now offers a list of challenges, including increasing numbers of Covid-19 infections, racially motivated killings, global protests, rioting & looting, there are still things we can be grateful for.  Thank God for all the things we may take for granted, such as the ability to read this blog. There are over 700 million people globally who are illiterate, but you are not one of them. Challenge yourself to think of things to thank God for that you have never thanked him for before.  You will begin to see how blessed you really. 

I know these are trying times and we have experienced some unprecedented tragedies but God is still on his throne. Don’t give up. Don’t throw in the towel. Keep hope alive within your heart. Remain steadfast in faith. Believe that God will make a way in your situation. 


Remain calm, remain faithful, remain safe. 

Protect yourself, stay alert and watchful of your environment at all times.

I am believing God for the healing of our land and the restoration of our souls.

He will…

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