The Poshington Post™~ Stay With God

Stay With God

Life can so be challenging at times. Hardships arise and it is easy to question Gods presence or His motives. During these times we want to open the mental files labeled “Why me” and “What if.” While we may not understand everything that is happening or why it is happening, always know that God loves us infinitely and He always will. Our fallen world may seem to be full of strife and suffering, however this will never negate Gods love for us.
Stay focused and Stay with God. Know matter what is happening around you, laser focus your eyes on God and speak to Him (Pray). You must believe in Gods love and in His power to bring you through any situation you are facing with peace and grace. The things we must endure in life may not be free of pain but the love of God will insert grace and peace to surround our pain to ensure our recovery and survival. Do not surrender to your pain, survive through Christ Jesus.

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