The Poshington Post™ ~ Recovering from the Gut Punch

Recovering from the Gut Punch ~

Just keep breathing. This is the first thing to remember when life’s circumstances punch you in the gut. Breathe in and Breathe out. Most often when experiencing a gut punch, literally(as witnessed) or figuratively(as experienced), we fall to our knees. This puts us in the perfect position to receive the help that we need! Our help cometh from the Lord. Breathe & Pray. Breathe & Pray. Pray for recovery and pray for restoration. As time begins to no longer stand still, we find the strength to stand up on one leg, then two. Next we are able to take a step, then another. As we once again begin to move with the momentum of life we find ourselves stronger, wiser and more resilient. While we may not always know why life brings with it so much pain, there is growth, wisdom & development within the pain– if you choose to embrace it.

Choose Life & Live

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