The Poshington Post™ ~ Holiday Harm

Holiday Harm: What it is & How to avoid it!

As the Holiday Season of 2017 is upon us, it is important to understand and avoid Holiday Harm.

Holiday Harm is engaging in self destructive, harmful behavior during the year-end Holiday Season, as it relates to finances, relationships  and social gatherings.
Holiday Harm is over spending, over indulging in food consumption, compromising in relationships, pursuing and keeping toxic friendships. Holiday Harm is giving yourself a mental green light to do such things just because it’s the Holiday Season.
While we all want to take time to enjoy the Holiday Season, there is never a season to compromise God’s standards of excellence for righteous living. Do not allow the Holiday Season to be your excuse or reason to engage in behaviors that are unhealthy for you. This not only involves doing or saying things that you know that you should not, it also involves NOT doing or saying things that you know that you should.

Happy Holidays!


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